Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Lost Key

The Lost Key Story

(Shirley Freeman and her father have finished dinner, and Shirley is getting ready to go to the picture with her friend, Tony. Mrs. Freeman is sick in bed, So Mr. Freeman and Shirley are trying to be quiet.) Mr. Freeman said: "Don't waste (membuang) time, because Tony will be here soon." At last Shirley was ready, and she wanted her father to look at her, so she said: "There!... Well?" Mr. Freeman didn't seem to understand what she meant, and answered: "Oh, of course, congratulation (selamat) ! I'm sure this is time you've been ready before Tony has arrived!"

   "I don't mean that,"Shirley said:"don't I look nice?" Yes, you look very nice," said Mr. Freeman. "But that isn't a new dress, is it?" No," answered Shirley, "look again!" "Ah," said her father, " the little necklace (kalung) and ear-ring (anting-anting). Yes, they definitely suit you."

   Then Shirley kissed (cium) her father, because the necklace and ear-ring were such nice birtday presents. Mr. Freeman was sick. "it's the the first time I've cooked the dinner for my own birthday," Shirley said and laughed."We enjoyed it, didn't we? But I'm worried about poor Mother." "Don't worry," said Mr. Freeman. "The doctor said your mother was a little better, and with plenty of sleep and light food she'll be all right in a few weeks. Then we'll give you another birtday!"

   Shirley wondered why Tony was late, but her father thought it was because he decided further (lebih jauh) to come now. "Yes, they moved (pindah) into their new house last week," she aggred.

   Shirley's shoes (sepatu) seemed uncomfortable (tidak nyaman), and so she decided to change them before Tony came.

   When they heard Tony'scar, Shirley was worried about the room: "It's so untidy (tidak rapih)," she said. "It's terrible (tidak baik)!" "Dont waste time," said Mr. Freeman, "Go and put on a comfortable pair (sepasang) of shoes." "Yes, Daddy (ayah)," said Shirley, "I must find my gloves (kaos tangan) too."

   When Tony came, Mr. Freeman told him he was glad Tony was able to take Shirley to the pictures. "She hasn't had a real birthday this time," he explained. "When my wife is better, I hope you'll come to dinner and we'll go to a show (pertunjukan) together." Then Tony said " Happy birthday!" to Shirley and she replied: "Thank you, Tony, for the lovely book of photos! You couldn't possibly (mungkin) know that I wanted that book, and I wanted it so much!" "I knew you wanted it," said Tony. "How did you find out? I can't imagine (membayangkan)." Then Shirley realised and laughed. "Daddy, you're terrible," she said, you told Tony!"

  "Now I think I have everything, "Shirley said, "my coat, gloves, handbag ..." what about your key of the front door?" asked Mr. Freeman. "That's in mya handbag," hirley answered, "but you won't in bed, will you?" "I think I'll go to bed erly tonight, "said Mr. Freeman, "so please be very quite when you come home, because I dont want your mother to wake up." " I'll be very quite," Shirley promised. So they said good night and left for the pictures.

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