Sunday, 18 November 2012

An Amusing Mistake

An Amusing Mistake Story

When John came home, Jean saw that he was excited about something. He said that he had news for her. Jean wanted to hear the news straight away, but John said that he wanted to eat his dinner first.

   After dinner, they sat in the lounge and John started to tell Jean about the phone call that he had that morning. He said: "It was Mr. Robert, our General Manager (direktur, pimpinan umum). He asked me to go to see him this afternoon at half past two." Jean was eager to find out (mengetahui) why Mr. Roberts wanted to see her husband (suami).
an amusing mistake

  Mr. Roberts asked John: "How long have you worked with the bank?" When John answered "ten years", Mr. Roberts said: "One of our Branc (cabang) Managers has to retire (pensiun) soon, and we have decided that you will be the new Branch Manager." Jean was very pleased to hear the good news, but she was even more delighted when John told her that the branch was the Belmont branch, which was at the corner of their street. After a while, she started to think about John's new job. She told him that they needed a maid (pelayan) for the house because he was an important man now. He said: "Now we must have big dinner parties (jamuan makan), and we must entertain (menjamu) lost of people in the evening. And I want to join some women's clubs which meet in the afternoon."

   John answered that their friends didn't need maids and that they couldn't pay a maid's wages (upah). But Jean said: "Tomorrow I'll phone the emplpoyment agency (kantor perburuhan) about it."but that wasn't all. Jean also said that they neede a car, but John told her that they didn't need a car because he could walk to work. Jean explained to John that she needed the car to visit her friends.

An amusing mistake to be continued..


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