How to set IP Address from DOS Command Prompt in Windows

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IP Address, everyone around computer networking specially as IT service know about IP. Yeah, we saying them like that. But know everyone can change for yourself with little education from jelajahiya. Every computer or device was connected with network, like local area network, wide area network, metropolitan area network, intranet or internet surely has address as them identity to other devices connected to the other one. To use file sharing, changing data, and browsing we need address about our computer destination. This moment we will share how to set an ip address in our personal computer statically or dynamically. Check it!
1.       Click Start (on down left our desktop), then choose Run.
2.       The new form wiould saw and type “cmd”, press OK

3.       Surely the network connection device was enable.
4.       Type “ipconfig” in command line, and we will view:
5.       On command  line type : “netsh interface ip set address "connection name" "source"
Red block : our ip address
Yellow block : subnet mask address
Green block : gateway

Example: C:\netsh interface ip set address "connection name" "source" 1
6.       If the status is OK,  we can check our ip address with click Start, My Network Places, View network connections, choose Local area connection, right click, Properties, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Properties, and see.
7.       But if we will set to Dynamically, we can change “static” with “DHCP”.
8.       To set DNS server same way to set Ip Address, with type this in command line:
C:\netsh interface ip set dns "local network connection" "static" primary

Example : C:\netsh interface ip set dns "local network connection" "static" primary

From this article I wish add more your knowledge about IT, step how to set Ip Address in your computer. 
M Annas Al Akram
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